Monday, 16 April 2007

Bloggers' Choice Awards

Currently the Bloggers' Choice Awards are on and a category struck my eye: Best Educational Blog.

David Warlick's 2 Cents blog is one I of the top 20 nominated in that category that I recognised. Currently he has got 7 votes - compare this with the currently leading Educational Blog Mom is Teaching with 51 votes!

Head on over and make your vote!

EDIT (Tues): Have just checked today and David's blog is no longer there!?? Perhaps he's asked for it to be removed from nomination?? Anyway still worth the visit.

Other categories to check out are: best blog about blogging & best blogging host.


  1. Hi Rachel - thanks for the link! I love how what is such a big world gets really small with technology. Blog on!

  2. I can't belive how many vots MomIsTeaching has gotten.


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