Friday, 11 August 2006

About Me!

A self confessed geek, mac lover, avid blogger and teacher from Nelson, New Zealand.

This is my fifth year teaching and I currently teach year 2/3 students (6 & 7 year olds). I'm absolutely addicted to blogging and sold on its many benefits.

I've been enjoying increasing my students' use of I.C.Ts over the past few years and working with other teachers in my role as an I.C.T. lead teacher this year.

Please feel free to leave me a comment and visit my sites that my students are working on.

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  1. Hi Rachel. My name is Andrew Robitaille, and I am the eLearning Integration Teacher at Good News Lutheran Primary School in Brisbane, Australia. I love keeping up with the latest ICT and web innovations, and your blog is at the top of my bloglines feeds. Thank you for sharing all of your treasures. You definitely do have a captive audience! Keep up the good work. Long live the Macintosh! P.S. If you want to visit some of my school's elearning projects, go to

  2. Hi Rachel,
    My name is Denise Duffy. I work in the Technology Labs at Village Elementary School in Hilton, NY, USA. Like you, I feel blogging has many benefits for students learning. Many of our teachers here feel the same. They are looking to be able to blog with other classrooms and students. If this is something you and your students would be interested in, please let me know. Unfortunately, we are leaving for our summer break and won't be back to school until September, but I know that they would be willing to get the ball rolling immediately upon our return.
    If this is something that would be of interests to you please post a comment to "Class Collaboration" on my blog and you will also find a link to my e-mail there as well.

  3. Hi Rachey

    Did you ever work for Conway Relf?

    If not then sorry, if yes get in touch with Andy and Johny.

  4. I am about to start my 6th year teaching. I live in US, Maryland to be exact. I use to teach 2nd grade but am about to start my second year of teaching 4th graders. I am very impressed by the amount of tech work you do with your class and your school. I am going to start using blogs in my class this year. I'm interested in the first time you introduced blogging to your kids. I'd love some more information about that. I am new to blogging, this summer. I'm taking an online Graduate class for my Master's Degree and we use blogs and discussion boards to show what we have learned about education issues with technology. I am including your blog in one of my blogs about Student Blogging. I hope that you can help shed some light on this new way, at least for me, of teaching. Thanks for showing us teachers on the other side of the world that it can be done!!


  5. Hi Rachel,

    Loved reading about your adventures in ICT and blogging. It seems we live parallel lives through teaching in digital worlds as we share very similar beliefs and ideas (though I might be a few steps behind you). I too am a big Mac supporter in education. Visit our blog sites that I just started this year:

    or my education blog:

    Would love your input!

  6. Hi Rachel,

    Loved reading all your blogs. It seems that we have parallel lives when it comes to education and technology. I might be a few steps behind though! I'm a big mac supporter as well.
    Would love if you visited my blog sites and get your input. Thanks!


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