Saturday, 27 February 2010

State of the Internet

The Internet continues to astound me with the increasing way it is embedded in our daily lives. A brand new video from Jesse Thomas, made from multiple sources, highlights remarkable figures about the Internet as we know it today.

Some of the amazing facts and figures from the video include:

  • There are 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide as of September 2009.
  • There are 1.4 billion e-mail users worldwide, and on average we collectively send 247 billion e-mails per day.
  • 200 billion of those emails sent were spam :(
  • Facebook (my online home) gets 260 billion pageviews per month, or 6 million page views per minute and 37.4 trillion pageviews in a year.

Individual stats like Facebook passing the 400 million user mark, Twitter hitting 50 million tweets per day, and YouTube viewers watching 1 billion videos per day are impressive on their own, but what if we looked at Internet-related stats collectively? Jesse Thomas did just that in his video State of the Internet.

Have a look at the below video and be amazed. This would be a great resource video to show to staff about the remarkable ways the Internet has grown and shaped our lives.


  1. very interesting- thought provoking -Jane

  2. The internet is huge part of my life; it's almost my best friend. The first thing I do in the morning is check mail and the last thing I do at night is "be online". I am not into facebook much but being online is a huge part of my life. I have learned so much just from surfing, reading wikipedia, browsing forums. I could not imagine my life without it.

  3. That video makes me think about how embedded technology is becoming in our lives. Can we make good use of this technology in terms of our teaching methods? How can we do it?

  4. this gave some huge but not surprising facts on the internet, its amazing how quickly it grew from a defence program to something used worldwide.


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