Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Wired up from Learning @ School Conference

Had a great today at the Learning @ School Conference in Rotorua. Had four breakouts today, two of which were fantastic.

Have been really wired tonight with millions of thoughts and ideas swimming around in my head..... all good stuff, but not when it leaves me up until nearly 1 in the morning furiously bookmarking sites from breakouts I didn't get to visit! I won't go through and list them all here - I've boomarked them in my - most of them I have only had a very brief look at and have just bookmarked for later purusal.

Very hot and muggy today and with four breakouts to do it seemed like a lot to ask.... was glad I wasn't presenting today as it was very full-on. Have a neat day tomorrow with two spotlight workshops and Dave Warlick speaking as Keynote, which I am sure I'll enjoy.

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