Friday, 5 October 2007

ULearn Visual Dictionary of NZ Bloggers

OK, drum roll please.... this is my
Visual Dictionary of Fab NZ Edubloggers....

Hopefully you will already know them all and read them regularly like I do, if not, stick them in your aggregator NOW!

Almost of these fantastic educators I had the pleasure of meeting f2f @ ULearn.

(Oh and a warning..... yes I am in lots of photos with the blogger, so you'll be seeing A LOT of me - sorry) Plus, I'm going in alphabetical order by first name just to be different ;)

Click on their name or on the photo to go on a tiki-tour.

Allanah King, Nelson

Chrissy Hellyer, Napier

David Kinane, Auckland

Derek Wenmoth, Christchurch
Image Credit: Uploaded on October 3, 2007 by Edublogger

Fiona Grant, Central North Shore

Greg Carroll, Dunedin (we missed you @ ULearn!)

Jane Nicholls, Dunedin

Jamin Lietze (class blog), Tauranga (I will send you a chocolate fish when you finally start your edublog Jamin!)
Image Credit: Uploaded on October 5, 2007 by Edublogger

Jedd Bartlett, Christchurch

Lynne Crowe, Te Awamutu (we all missed meeting you f2f Lynne!)

Marnie Thomas, Auckland

Nigel Frater, Wellington
Image Credit:
Uploaded on October 5, 2007 by Edublogger

Nikki Gemmell, Auckland (great to see you back blogging, great to meet you properly)

Simon Evans, Hastings

Suzie Vesper, Wellington

NZ Edubloggers @ The Bloggers' Cafe
(thanks Jane for all your organisation)

Image credit: Uploaded on October 5, 2007 by *** ICT U Can!


  1. what a cool idea Rachel. The ILT conf the week before in Invercargill was too good an opportunity to miss.
    I hope you will all be at ULearn in ChCh in 08 cos I will be there with knobs on :-)
    It will be good to meet the people behind the aliases/ideas. Thats the 'problem' with blogging is that it is all about ideas and not engaging with the person. I like meeting the people as well as engaging with what they think.
    I have been following the blogging out of the conference and it has been an interesting ride
    spot ya

  2. Love this post! Very cool! Have flickrd that photo already!

  3. There's a photo of Simon on Allanah's stream - you can use that too.

  4. It was great to meet you and all the others - I have gathered lots of new blogs to read which will keep me very busy!

  5. What a great idea! I will have to play around with photoshop to get you in a picture with me- or maybe in Nelson next term...!

  6. What a fantastic idea. I have been keeping a personal blog for a while and didn't realise there were so many NZ educators blogging. After attending ULearn I started a second blog for myself to start processing and talking about my own ICT journey. Your dictionary is great as now I know where to go to visit other N educators blogs. I'm hoping to be able to start blogging with my own class soon too. Didn't ULearn just rock!

  7. :+) Ok Rachel I'll hold you to that chocolate fish! ;+)

  8. Great work Rachel - very cool idea!
    Wonder how we could extend this and make it available somewhere in the NZEdubloggers site??
    Really helps having the photos like this - building a sense of commmunity!

  9. Nice list Rachel, it's a great idea. I am always looking for new connections to make, and this will help a lot! I love the way that we have such a supportive blogger community here in NZ.

    Sounds like Ulearn was a great experience for you all, and like Greg, I will look forward to next year in Christchurch.

  10. Great idea Rachel. It was great to meet you in person last week, seems so long ago. Ah well at least I will get to see you again on our turf this friday. If you want a picture for my slot, just grab the madasafish image from my blog!

  11. This is great.. nice to see and associate some people to photos! :)

  12. I know you love these things.

    I tag you!


  13. What a great idea Rachel! Keep sharing those photos. It is nice to know what everybody looks like! :)

  14. GREAT to meet you (at last) in Nelson this week... will endevour to keep in touch- via Facebook if need be, you know I'm not a 'blatherer' at heart... Talk-back radio and all that-LOL...

  15. Hi, Rachel. I'm an English teacher in Spain and I found very useful the pdf files that I found in your blog, a very interesting educational blog, indeed. Thank you very much for the materials.


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