Monday, 3 December 2007

Blogs in Plain English

Finally it is here... the long awaited Commoncraft video "Blogs in Plain English".

I have been hanging out, eager to find out how it would be presented and keen to also use it in any presentations or with professional development I do with teachers.

So what's the big deal about blogs???
Watch and enjoy....
(video embedded below)


  1. Very cool! We have been waiting for this one, and it was certainly worth the wait. These guys are geniuses. Thanks for sharing.

  2. welcome back rachel.

    congrats on the awards for your work.


  3. Excellent! The Wiki one is really great too...

  4. Hey thanks Rach for the heads-up on this one.

  5. Hi Rachel,
    I posted this video on my blog too, trying to get my college TEAM-mates to blog & comment more. Some of them are new to blogging and teachnology and I was hoping this video would inspire them to get more connected. I blog with my students and they love it. I wish more of my college peers were as enthusiastic as my 5th graders. :)

  6. Hi Rachel, I haven't visited you for a while! Are you on a break from school? I liked this YouTube video. I put it on my blog and put a link to you....Just doing my part to expand the blogging community ;-)

  7. Thanks for this post Rachel. Will be great to use with teams of teachers we work with to encourage blogging.
    Tania Coutts


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