Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Put a video on your blog - You Tube

Today we made a video in class to show our parents how we skip count in 2's to solve multiplication problems. Then I edited the movie in imovie and uploaded it to my blog.

Two good options for uploading your completed movie to the web are Castpost and You Tube. I have no idea which is better but at the moment Castpost is full and not taking any new members, therefore You Tube is probably your best bet!


  • First we story-boarded our ideas on the whiteboard - these included an introduction, explanation of what we were doing and an example of us doing it.
  • Then we chose different students to say each part.
  • After that we practised and I videoed each part in sections.
  • Then with a student's help I uploaded my video to my imovie programme on my laptop via the USB cable.
  • After school I played around with the video, cutting & splicing it and adding some effects.
  • Then I had to get my GIANT full sized video small enough to put on the web. To do this I clicked on File>Share>Email on imovie. This compressed my movie to 10 frames per second and dramatically reduced the file size. I emailed the movie to myself so I could upload it.
  • Then I grabbed my movie from my email and uploaded it to You Tube!

    Gosh, sounds more complicated when you write it out like that doesn't it! I haven't much experience with full-on editing in imovie so that part of the process took me w wee while, it wasn't a perfect job but we all learn from our first attempts don't we!

    NOTE: If your internet connection is slow or dial up we suggest you let the video play once sluggishly (right until the end) while you have a cuppa. It will then be easier to view the second time it has loaded.
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