Saturday, 16 September 2006

WOW! 500 hits on the class blog!

Today the Room One blog hit 500 visitors!

This is a FANTASTIC achievement since we have only been blogging since the end of June this year!

I have been getting a lot of traffic through the ULearn blog where we are listed and also through our IT Cluster blog.

If you're a bit of a nosey parker like me and like to see where you're getting your visitors from I suggest a Bravenet counter like I have on all my blogs. It is free and has a great statistics area where you can view number of visitors and even see how they got to your blog (eg. directly through typing address in, or reffered through another website)

I also like Bravenet counters because you can choose existing cute themes like my teacher/blackboard themed counter (I'm a sucker for gimicky cute stuff!)

Get your own Bravenet Counter here!

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