Monday, 18 June 2007

Cool Cat Award!

I was inspired today by Teaching Sagittarian's kind words today on Vicki Davis' blog...

I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I state how truly helpful and inspirational Vicki's Cool Cat Teacher blog is... I have been an avid reader for over a year now myself... if you're not a reader you should definitely go and check it out (especially check her archives and most valuable posts).

This post by Vicki and the associated comment by Chrissy led me to put into motion Chrissy's wishes to award the Cool Cat Teacher the:
"Most Inspirational Educator of Educators Around the World Award"

So we hope you enjoy it Vicki!
You have even reached, encouraged and inspired us here down here in New Zealand :)

PS - if you haven't checked out the Custom Sign Generator page yet - it's quite a hoot - you can make stuff like I have made above ... and TONS more! Great for when you just want a visual for a blog post or you just want to make someone laugh... check it out!


  1. You are just awesome! What a fantastic sign. I love it!
    I need to go to that site and make one for you! LOL!
    Vicki is truely one inspirational lady - and I'm so glad that the blogsphere reaches us here in good ol' NZ!

  2. Great way to make an award for yourself! BTW: congrats on winning the "Most Inspirational Educator of Educators Around the World Award".

  3. Actually the award is for Vicki... not me!!

    Believe it or not... I am not so full of myself that I would just make MYSELF and award ;)

    Cheers, Rachel

  4. Rachel and Chrissy --

    I have been on vacation -- and what a pleasant surprise it was to come back to my e-mail box and find your ever so kind messages waiting in my inbox. And the award is cool -- thank you so much. Actually coming from real teachers it means a whole lot. I really do want to inspire others and I also enjoy reading yours and Chrissy's blogs as well.

    I get mad at myself when awards come along and my old competitive nature comes back to haunt me and I just stop thinking straight. It is about my own family first of all, and then my classroom family next -- then this great educational blogosphere. Making a difference there is vital. And if we as teachers need any kind of award to validate us, we're missing out on the fact that our job is the most noble profession on earth -- and I truly believe that -- for we are given guardianship of the future. Sometimes, I have to get faced with something like that to get my gears back in gear -- and you've just listened to my own self-speech I've given myself this week -- about keeping perspective and why I do what I do.

    Thank you so much -- it means a lot!

  5. Rachel,

    You are so incredible. Thanks for all you are doing to help and encourage teachers around the world.


  6. Hi Rachel,

    this is not linked to your post but you left a comment on my blog regarding wikis which I greatly appreciate. I was wondering if you would like to join my 'Voices Of The World' project - If yes then leave a comment in hte post as I would love a voice outside Europe to be part.


  7. Hi again Rachel - since I don not have your email could you email me at - so I can add you to our contact list. It is great you want to be voices of the world and hopefully ome other projects too.



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