Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Importance of Comment Moderation

Regarding a conversation I've had recently I thought I'd make a posting on the importance of enabling Comment Moderation for your class blog (as well as the how to).

Comment Moderation is where all new blog comments get 'moderated' and approved by the class teacher before they go live and get published on the Internet. You will get an email and a note will appear on your dashboard letting you know that there is a comment awaiting approval.

Comment Moderation is an absolute MUST if you are blogging with students!

Teacher laziness is not a good enough excuse for possibly allowing negative or spam/advertising related comments to get published on the class blog.

Imagine the trouble that would start for your class and your school if a student clicked or read something inappropriate in a comment!

To Enable Comment Moderation in Blogger:

Log into Blogger with your user name and password.

In the Dashboard click on: Settings

Once in Settings; click on Comments

Scroll down until you see: Enable Comment Moderation:

Click yes and enter your email address: this is the email where you will be notified of new comments that are awaiting your approval before going online.

Lastly, don't forget to press: Save Settings to make sure your changes have been saved!

Now you can enjoy the comments as they come in and ensure they are positive before allowing them to be published on your class blog!

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