Saturday, 2 June 2007

Potentials of Web2.0

It seems everyone is starting to wake up to the potentials of web 2.0 :)

Over the next few months I am hoping to start an exciting project with some RTLB's in Nelson to develop a wiki and blogs to support their work.

For those of your from outside NZ - RTLB stands for "Resource Teacher of Learning & Behaviour". These extremely skilled teachers "work within schools around the country to provide advice and guidance to teachers of students who are at risk of low achievement due to learning and/or behaviour difficulties. This may include direct teaching, demonstrating practice, and providing teaching strategies so that students receive appropriate learning programmes and behaviour management on an ongoing basis." (Info from Min of Edu site)

Currently these very computer competent teachers produce an attractive booklet-type newsletter once a term that goes out to all the schools they are working with. Their newsletters contain great tips, ideas and links that are also useful to the general classroom teacher. Currently, however, these newsletters barely get shared around. These Resource Teachers are hoping to hook into the power of web2.0 to share their knowledge.... exciting stuff huh!

So, anyway I am starting to gather resources on wikis etc. This video by Commoncraft (people that brought us the great RSS video) is a great one to start learning about wikis... Wikis in Plain English (seen below)

PS - if you currently know of any RTLBs in NZ that are currently using blogs/wikis etc... I'd love to know so that I can share these links as examples. Thanks :)


  1. Rachel,

    You might also be interested in CommonCrafts video on "Wikis in Plain English"

  2. Hi Quentin,

    Thanks for that link, I actually featured that video in this posting but I'm guessing you couldn't see it through your agregator.

    Cheers for the comments, Rachel

  3. oops

    You're right - I have to switch back to Google Reader.

  4. Hi Rachel, Quentin,

    I'm using netvibes as a feed catcher. Have you guys tried it? The video you posted Rachel came through netvibes fine.

    So Quentin, you use google reader? I suppose I ought to try it. What are you using Rachel?


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