Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Learning, Sharing & Connecting Online with 6 & 7 year olds!

How do you like my post title!... pretty long huh!
That's what happens when you just can't decide on the right words to title your presentation with... in the end I just chucked ALL the words in together!

This little video is the main part of my presentation for the Time4 Online Conference that is on right now! The section I'm involved in: Student Voices doesn't go live until the 31st May in a few days.

The 6 & 7 year olds in my class worked really hard to assist me with this video; they thought long and hard about what they wanted to talk about and we wrote a big plan from their list.

Luckily, I was given an ICT planning day (Thanks Paul!) to record and videotape my students for this presentation. They will be really excited tomorrow when I show them the finished product (although two students ended up on the 'cutting room floor' and got chopped out due to time constraints).

The video is under the section: Globalising and Personalising Online Learning - from Student Perspectives on Time4 Online. The presentations I've already seen on the site under: Collaborative Online Learning and The Collaborative Cauldron: Blogs and Wikis have been top notch and very interesting... if you haven't been to check them out yet, I highly suggest you do! (NB: open entry to other educators from around the world)

Presentation Blurb:
Take a tour through the 'digital side' of Room 9 at Nelson Central School.

Let these 6 & 7 year olds educate you about blogs and blogging and show you what they're doing with podcasting, wikis, blogs and more everyday in their classroom. Also, see the effect these "cool" tools have had in enhancing the home/school relationship.

These students may be young, but they're connected worldwide!
Share in their learning & experiences!

Actual Presentation:

Intro: What is a blog? Why do you like having one? - Answers by 6 & 7 year olds


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  3. Awesome presentation Rachel.

    I'm using these presentations of yours with my senior classes to inspire them to help my younger classes add to the blog.

    Thank You

  4. Well done, Rachel. It is great to hear the children's voices.


  5. That's fine Mark... I had to learn how to delete a comment one day! (although it was terribly easy!)

  6. Rachel,
    I have been visiting all of your blogs for several weeks now and have learned so much from you!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Jacksonville, FL USA

  7. Hi Rachel,

    Spent some time listening to your class presentation in the conference last evening...well done. I believe the inclusion of the 'student voice' as part of this conference is excellent value. Have blogged about this to my cluster so hopefully some of them will visit too. A big thank you to all your students for sharing.


  8. Great presentation and thanks for sharing as part of this conference.


  9. Rachel

    there is a presentation I posted at
    that contains a reference to your class writing blog.

    Check it out, and read the comments by the author (Stu Hasic).

    Lots of people very impressed.


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