Saturday, 19 May 2007

Online Learning Spaces

I have just read this post from David Warlick (as it's the weekend I am catching up on some of my blog reading). It's about the UK's Building School's for the Future Project.

This project " is the biggest single government investment in improving school buildings for over 50 years. The aim is to rebuild or renew every secondary school in England over a 10-15 year period."

Curiously enough amidst this huge project is quite a substantial goal hidden as commentary note 63 (viewable in the download here):
[Note the report is dated July 06]
This strategy describes the use of digital and interactive technologies to achieve a more personalised approach within all areas of education and children's services. It is an ambitious strategy covering all sectors for the next five years and beyond. An example of a specific aspiration is the target for all learners in every school to have access to a personalised on-line learning space that can support an e-portfolio by 2008

So my question is what do you think of this? Is this a worthwhile goal and realistic goal, and how long do you think this would take to implement?

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