Friday, 25 May 2007

How to Customise your Blogger Header!

Last week I spent some time on my latest "Digital Candy" favourite site: Cool Text.

I used Cool Text to create the image for the funky text header for this blog (boo hoo no one has commented on how nice it looks yet!).

I had planned to this weekend blog some instructions on how to customise your blogger header and add an image similar to what I've done.

But... don't you love it when someone else does it for you (and in a better format than you would have ever had time to make!).

Ryanne has made an excellent screencast (featured here) demonstrating exactly how to customise your blogger blog header and add an image.

The only thing I would suggest is that it takes a bit of playing around with to get it looking "just right".... and with some pictures a good image compressor wouldn't go astray either.
Go on:
Unleash your creativity!


  1. I like your blog heading :). Just haven't seen it as I read your blog through my aggregator. I really enjoy finding widgets and things to put on my page, but there are so many people who don't come to visit but subcribe. I like the clock widget too - very kiwi.

  2. Too many potential Kiwi jokes in that clock widget from this side of the Tasman! The blog header is cool but maybe if it was the same blue as the header bits on the side, it would blend in easier - a 30 second job in Adobe Photoshop. I can email you the altered jpeg if you want!

  3. Ahah! I spot a perfectionist from a mile away Graham! You may be a lot like me... that colour difference was annoying me too! Thanks for your kind offer, I don't currently have the luxury of photoshop.

    As for the clock.. that was intended; so glad you had a laugh!


  4. Yes I noticed it too Rachel.

    Are you limited to using a jpeg as the image, or can you put an animated gif or even a flash file into the header? If so you could have a header cycling through the main colours of your page. (Including the kiwi blue on your clock).

    Keep up your great work.

  5. Hi Rachel, Thanks for the instructions for removing the nav bar...great tip. Have recommended your blog to my new cluster bloggers...I am very excited by some of the results.

    Thanks again,

  6. Hi Rachel -yes I had noticed, I guess it's my natural Welsh reserve!!!! that prevented me commenting earlier. I loved the Time4 Online presentations by the way and posted them on my blog - thanks.
    Paul H ( Wales)


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