Saturday, 21 October 2006

A Favicon for your Blog!

I had so much fun today adding a Favicon (short for favourite icon) to my class blog, thinking skills blog and this blog!

If you look above in your address window you'll be able to see exactly what a Favicon is!
It's that cute little picture up there where the "B" for blogger used to be!

Why do I love it.....?
Well it adds a bit of personalisation and professionalism to your page.
Plus if you're using Firefox (which you should be!) the favicon will also turn up on your tabs.... how's that for cute!
Note: Favicons only turn up in Internet Explorer if the site is in your bookmarks.

How to do it!
  • Upload the picture or photo that you want to use as a favicon to this site
  • Follow the directions and ransform it into an ico file
  • Grab the favicon.ico and get it hosted to the internet somewhere: I used Ripway
  • Get the full URL address where your favicon is hosted
  • Use this code and replace what's in the red with your URL (there's two to replace)
  • In your Template place the code next to the head code.
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