Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Keeping Track of Blogs

Well I guess it's about time to explain how I keep track of the 46 blogs that I read on a regular basis...... hmmm that sounds rather a lot doesn't it once I count them all up..... :)

I use a blog tracking internet site called Blogarithm to track all those blogs that I read. On a daily basis I get sent a morning email (BlogMail) listing the blogs that I am subscribed to that have been freshly updated.

Blogarithm can track ANY website or blog. It does all the hard work and will email you to let you know when they have been updated.

This GREATLY improves my social life as I physically don't have to check each of those blogs. I know when each one is updated and only have to check those blogs if I find the short description something that interests me. This way I never miss a post from one of my favourite educational bloggers from all over the world.

Get your own Blogarithm account here!

Some of my favourite blogs I read regularly are:
* Greg Carroll - ICTPD National Faciliator from Core Ed (NZ)
* ULearn Blog - News and Info on the ULearn Conference held in Oct 06 (NZ)
* Derek Wenmoth - Director elearning Core Ed (NZ)
* Teaching Hacks - teaching with technology
* Cool Cat Teacher Blog

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