Friday, 6 October 2006

Just switched over to Blogger Beta!

Reluctantly, and with my eyes squeezed tightly shut and my heart praying I've just switched over to blogging in Beta.

Not too many scary things to report as of yet and the change seems to have gone smoothly.
My page still looks the same and all my template changes seem to have taken the move well. Will have to check, however, that all are functioning correctly.

One thing I HAVE noticed is that my NAV bar is back! grrrrrr!
I was NOT impressed to see this, especially since I hunted out a hack to get RID of it, perhaps Blogger Beta is immune to the hack! Will have a hunt later and see if there is some kind of "fix" or hack for this.

I wasn't willing to take the jump to Beta on my class blog, it is far too precious to go experimenting with, and I have spent FAR too many months perfecting the template to risk it all. Will see how this beta-blogging goes on this blog first!

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