Sunday, 11 March 2007

Are you blogging this???

Only web 2.0 and blogging could have it's own song!

And only some geek out there could ever think of scripting, editing, performing, videoing and uploading such a video to You Tube.

I really like this video made by user daweedrex. See if you can see how many web 2.0 tools you can recognise in the video. I've also included the lyrics to the song below!

Here's the song:

My picture is flickring around technorati.
And I just discovered I am such a newb, I'm on YouTube

Are you blogging this?
Delicious myspace then tell me with meebo
Drop my feed into bloglines, I'm so web 2.0

Are you blogging this?
Blogger blummy skobee ditto seekum suckingfish
Auctionmapper frappr zoomr feedwhip blish
Rollyo seekum previewseek swicki wink
Flickr scanr talkr cheapr soonr kitchen sink

All Ourmedia's confusing me
Maybe I need to read a Wikipedia entryAre you blogging this?
Google froogle blogger SketchUp calculator talk
Code news catalogs academic search
Finance images video alerts
Mobile SMS picasa translate search

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  1. Hi Rachel
    Well, if this song doesn't sum up what a blogging obsession is, I don't know what does! Who would have thought?
    I'm enjoying your blog - thanks for the great ideas and links in your posts.
    Angela :-)


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