Sunday, 4 March 2007

Just for Chrys - how to make links to older posts

What a wonderful comment I received today on my "test dummy blog" that I used to demo for my Learning @ School presentation on blogging.

Hello Rachel!
My name is Chrys and I was most fortunate to attend a course run by you recently at the Learning@School conference in Rotorua.
I am most interested, after viewing your Mapua log, as to how you go about making all your older posts as links, (not in the archive section) but on the front page. I would also like to know if I am able to contact you for help or tips!
Kindest regards,

Chrys has made an amazing start to her cl
ass' blog at Reporoa Primary (sorry won't give out that web link until I check it is ok with their school policy etc)

Here's the easy answer:

For my L@S presentation I wanted people to be able to quickly see at a glance a selection of different posts that we had made last year on the Room One blog. I can't expect people to sift through nearly 100 posts just to find the dynamite ones!

In the Posting Section>under Edit posts (when logged into Blogger) you will see all of your posts listed separately like in the photo below. If you want to link to just ONE of those posts for whatever reason click on VIEW next to the post. You can then copy the link in the browser and hyperlink it in another part of your blog. This will bring up only that post on the page.
It may be useful if you have an older post, for example "About Us" that you want people to be able to look at throughout the year. This might be great if you put a hyperlink in the sidebar of your blog!


My other secret is that parents aren't often "computer literate" and have no idea that in a blog pages get archived quite regulary unless you opt otherwise. I find that often parents think that only what is on the main page of the blog!!

Under Settings>Formatting you'll see a section called Show. It is here that you get to specify how many blog posts will appear on the front page. For the purposes of showing our Room One Mapua blog I changed this so it would show 20 posts. You may like to choose only 10 or 15 for your blog however.

Hope this helps, happy blogging and many thanks for your comment Chrys!

Please post any questions you may have as a comment below :)

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  1. Dear Rachel,
    Amazingly simple when you know-how! Thank you so much for your explanation in layman's terms to a 'still rather technophobic'! (he!he!)
    If I wish to add more than one link, as you did on your final post (of all the main things you did over 2006), how do I achieve this?


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