Sunday, 11 March 2007

How can I EVER get bored now.....

StumbleUpon is fantastic!

How can I ever get bored now when I have a few minutes to rove the net! Forget about "googling" the web and thinking up keywords to search for!

When I signed up to StumbleUpon (free, quick and easy) I simply considered a whole lot of options/topics and checked those that best applied and interested me.

I also downloaded the add-on for Firefox and now have a tiny button underneath my navigation toolbar that will transport me to a random site that suits my preferences and interests.

So, now whenever I have a few minutes to browse, I'll be surfing through this, seeing what interesting things come my way... I'll post the good ones to my

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  1. I meant to thank you for your delicious links ... very helpful! I've added to you my network (I'm ageja) - hope you don't mind!
    Angela :-)


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