Wednesday, 7 March 2007

TUANZ Audioconference

Yesterday from 4-5 an audio conference was held on Elluminate for presenters at the TUANZ 2007 conference.

The US keynote speakers Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Miguel Guhlin hosted an online discussion about technology issues facing New Zealand teachers. That was where my disasters began...

Firstly I couldn't join the conference
on time due to a syndicate meeting... so I raced back at 4:30 to participate... and then my school laptop decided to have a complete paddy and pack up several times! I was able to hear a lot of the conference but could not speak at all, the pages on the screen refused to load, yet I was able to hear the audio. During one time I was able to use the chatboard section to participate but this was short lived!

My favourite part (ie the most embarrassing part) was when Sheryl tried to involve me in the audio and I wasn't able to speak!!!! There were two incredibly long pauses while they waited for me to take the mike... however I couldn't even get the screen to load correctly let alone press the onscreen button to be able to talk.

This leads me to one point............ should have
used the trusty APPLE - my Black Macbook is my new best friend!! [Although it isn't yet connected to the school network as it is my personal computer] I am going to send my Toshiba on a holiday to the computer doctor soon!

Luckily the conversation was recorded so I have since caught up on what I missed :)

You can watch/listen to the conversation/screencast here.

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