Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Blogging Styles

This gem of a presentation on Slideshare contains a compilation of the 25 different styles of Blogging.

Very useful to look through to get new ideas for your edublog or your classroom blog. Ignore the commercialised parts of the presentation (eg "buzz index" and "max times per week) and use the ideas to springboard off and think of how they could apply to you in your setting ;)

Ones I am liking and thinking of trying in some capacity are:
  • LIST blogging - out of blogs I read the Cool Cat Teacher is the queen of this!
  • LIVE blogging - no I haven't done this yet.... yes Durff you can expect some of this direct from ULearn!
  • BRIDGE blogging - "writing for an audience outside your everyday reality" - I'm going to see if I can specifically apply this to my class and their blogs.
Interesting also to look through your posts - you can see which ones of these 'styles' your posts align to. Check out the presentation below!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this! I have been looking for ideas to generate enthusiasm for blogging in my class.

  2. Interesting - I wonder, will these kinds of things be the new genre for children to learn in writing in the future? Food for thought.

  3. Isn't it amazing that less than ten years ago, blogging was not a concept, let alone, one that could be categorized as neatly as this presentation has done. Writing teachers need to pay particular attention as these categories will fill different styles and audiences.

  4. Hi Rachel
    Tag, you're it. You have been tagged for the 8 random facts meme. You can read mine on my blog.


  5. Hi Rachel
    Heres your next post you can categorise under random-ramblings. You've been tagged with 8 random facts meme :-)aaah just got down the page & see Jane gotcha!


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