Saturday, 14 July 2007

On a journey to ULearn

The countdown to ULearn 07 is on: from 3rd to 5th October in Auckland.

I am excited to have been selected to facilitate two workshops: "So you've got a blog - now what??" and "They're FREE and on the Internet: Harnessing the power of educational games using social bookmarking".

I'm also delighted to see other great educators I know who are also presenting workshops - Allanah, Jane, Simon, Suzi and many others! It will be great to meet F2F many of these educators that I know well through reading their edublogs.

Highlights I am looking forwards to at ULearn07 would have to be the keynote by Ewan McIntosh from Scotland (who's blog I have been reading for a little while now) and the Bloggers Cafe that Jane suggested!!

See you there :)


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Wow, congratulations - that is great news! I am hoping to attend that conference too and will definately be keen to meet up in person!!! Will let you know if I get the ok to go (from the powers above!!)

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Nice to 'meet' you. I can see that you are a real addict - a girl after my own heart ;-) Looking forward to meeting F2F and hopefully attending your seminar. I've been working on some alternate reality games which involve a bit of social bookmarking amongst other things. Frustratingly nothing to show for it (yet) but maybe by the time I get down under.

    Until then, looking forward to reading what's happening in your corner of NZ.

    (BTW: It would be cool to have a separate page instead of the popup for the comments so that I could activate CoComment on the page and follow the discussion.)

  3. Hi Rachel, will be good to meet F2F. Like the idea of the bloggers cafe too ...will leave a comment on Jane's blog in support.

  4. Hey great to hear you and Allanah have been asked to take some seminars. A sure sign you are making a difference! I hope to be there so will checkout one of your seminars :+)

  5. Rachel, you will have a blast at Bloggers Cafe. It was great at NECC07 and is spreading all over!
    Nice birthday post!

  6. Congrats! You all better be skyping in your USA friends too!


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