Monday, 2 July 2007

You Tube and PD

Holiday time... and I have not much planned.... a truly marvelous feeling.

So far I have enjoyed a few geeky pleasures like joining Facebook (after receiving my 4th invite from friends) and finally becoming a Second Life member (KatarinaMay Capalini) although I haven't yet logged on properly to SL. Allanah warns me that I may spend a wee while in SL bumping into walls and doorways so I am saving that pleasure for later on this week!

Something I am currently working on at the moment is our ICT Cluster website (on Centre4) where I am an administrator. I found a neat flash widget that lets you display your You Tube playlist that I have added to the front of our cluster page.

So, for the past week I have been searching for those MUST SEE You Tube videos that would be good for either motivational/inspirational/instructional PD purposes for teachers in my cluster.

These are the ones I've got so far:

The my newest vid being this one I found today on Suzie's Cluster Blog... a very entertaining look at blogs vs wikis!

I'd love to hear if you have any other ideas for You Tube videos that I should add to the growing collection!


  1. Hi Rachel
    Say hello when you get into SL, I'm Jojash McMillan :). And after you've had a while in there check out this youtube parody
    Very funny

  2. Rachel - I am very interested to know the differences in training between teachers in your country and in mine (USA), although here it depends where you are. There seems to be so many exciting things going on at your school! Are all the teachers at your school and/or area as savvy with technology as you are?
    :) Melanie

  3. Hi Rachel! I hope you enjoy your holiday and use it as a time of renewal! I always enjoy having a break from school and then going back with a fresh attitude!

    You inspired me to do a little more on my blog. I recently participated in Vacation Bible School at our church and had a ton of pictures that I wanted to share. I found a site that allows you to make slide shows for your blog:

    Using this saves a lot of space on your blog and is much more entertaining than just slapping a bunch of pictures in a row!

    You can use is on blogger, Facebook, MySpace and several others.

  4. Hi Wezie!

    So glad you have taken a tiki-tour over to my blog. The kids have really been enjoying your comments and we looked at where you are on the map which was fun too.

    Good to see you have discovered Rock You... it's loads of fun hey! Come to think of it, I haven't used it in a wee while. Have you tried and yet too? They are also great ones.

    There's always loads of fun to be had on blogs!

    Cheers, Rachel

  5. Hi Rachel

    First of all thanks for your leadership and willingness to share. I have gained so much from just watching your blogs.
    My class site began last term. My parents are stoked with it and the kids love interacting with it. It was great to have your instructions on getting rid of the nav bar. My kids are safer because of it.
    However Rachel I am frustrated with the advertising buttons (links back to Rockyou) on Rockyou's slideshows. My Principal clicked on the button "view all" and was exposed to swearing! Shesh. Not a good way to impress the boss! he he Do you know of a way to remove the link buttons (advertising)??


  6. I have replied to you Jamin via email and given you the trick to work with/around Rock You. Do also remember that there are lots of other good alternatives out there when slideshow making too. We do not have to embarrass ourselves in front of our principals when nasty stuff comes up!


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