Thursday, 16 August 2007

AHHHH Teacher Tube!!

Hmmmm... I suspected something was wrong with Teacher Tube yesterday when my class and I attempted to watch 2 videos from Teacher Tube yesterday... and they weren't there or wouldn't play!!

Today I logged on and to my absolute horror was greeted with this cheery message:

It certainly makes you think about the longevity and importance we place on these sites to store our "digital stuff"!

For me personally, this month and a half of missing Teacher Tube videos, spells disaster not only for the videos/presentations I've uploaded, but also for the numerous videos I may have embedded from the site during the past month and a half.

Now I guess it's a matter of checking through and ensuring all videos play.... and then encouraging people (like David) to re-upload their videos so we can all enjoy them!

My Teacher Tube Lament:

Dear Teacher Tube,
I am distraught over the loss of all these videos and presentations uploaded over the past month and a half; and exhausted at the thought of having to check through all my recent video uploads and embeds

... BUT...
I DO still feel that you are an amazing free resource for the professional development for educators; and so I will forgive you (just this once!)
Kind regards,
Rachel :)

On a lighter note, check out this presentation (embedded below) by lmacdonald that actually does work ;) It looks to be a good conversation starter.


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Yes TeacherTube and YouTube have been perticularly difficult lately.
    There are a number of people around the globe who have been having trouble with embedded videos from them which have caused browser crashes. They have suggested downloading the very latest version of Flash to overcome the problem, however this is only partially useful!!!
    I guess that these problems are likely to happen to resources which we have come to rely on... I hope that everything will be back to normal soon :)

  2. Video Great for 'CPD in school' thanks for that.

  3. I have ditched Teacher Tube and will use Vimeo now.


  4. I know how you feel - making movies and putting them on the blog has become such a regular part of my programme and now I have heaps to reupload. I notice the message on teacher tube says from July 14 now rather than July 1.


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