Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Can you tell I've got my macbook back?

I've just gone back through my last 2 posts and plugged in what seems to be at least 20 hyperlinks as well as formatting etc!

I have been without my MacBook for the past week (it has been at 'the doctors' having very minor work) and although I was able to borrow a white macbook from work (my saving grace) it only had Safari as a browser.

After nearly a week I have now come to the conclusion that Safari is simply rubbish when it comes to blogging! - No handy toolbar to add formatting like colour, bold, italics etc and no hyperlink button! Plus it's a pain when editing in Wikispaces.
I have wished for Firefox SOOOOO many times over the past week except I don't have administrator privileges to install it on the school computer- I just had to "deal" with Safari. I will definitely be asking for Firefox to be installed on the mac pod/cow of laptops at school.

But now my MacBook is back and I am once again happy with everything in its rightful place and Firefox as my browser....
makes me realise all over again how much I love Firefox! :)

So as Lee LeFever would typically say in a Commoncraft presentation:
Firefox ..... yeah!!!

(NB: strangely these 'trademarks' of the Commoncraft Show were left out of the latest presentation: Social Bookmarking in Plain English.... want to complain about the lack of boos and yeahs or make a compliment?? - click here and comment like I did!)


  1. If you love firefox you'll really love flock.

    check it out here

    theres a mac version as well. it integrates soooo many tools. i wouldnt be without it.


  2. Yes, I have 'flirted' a bit with Flock and do like it.... however Firefox is my favourite daily choice by far!

    Cheers, Rachel

  3. hi rach
    definately firefox...have converted most of the staff to load it on to support the many wikispaces we have (safari is not up to it!!)!
    Firefox gets my vote for sure!

  4. I can't imagine life without my MacBook. Doesn't the Geneva Conventions forbid taking away my Mac?


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