Saturday, 18 August 2007

Slideshows will never be the same again...

I was delighted to come across this gem of a site this morning in my network and haven't stopped playing with it since! is a fabulous new site that allows you to make a slideshow like you've never seen before! (actually like a slideshow on steroids!)

Using Animoto you can make your own 30 sec 'photo video' (or movie trailer for your pictures) for free - just upload up to 15 of your own pics (or tell animoto where to find them on the Internet: ie Facebook etc.) and then either choose their music or upload your own! (There is also the option to pay to create longer videos with more images.)

The great thing is that animoto is automatic and it customises the video to your chosen music. You just choose and upload the photos and then choose some provided music or upload your own (ensuring it doesn't breach copyright!) Every video made on animoto is different and you can even choose to remix your video to create a slightly different show as well.

Check out these two animoto photo videos (original and remixed version) embedded below of Kia Ora Kiwi's adventures down south in Invercargill and Riverton, New Zealand. Kia Ora Kiwi is an established member of our class and is destined for international travel shortly.

If you're a keen spotter, you may even see NZ famous mayor Tim Shadbolt, a real (and not so real) tuatara and even the bike from 'The World's Fastest Indian' as seen at the Southland Museum.



Now that I have finished playing and have finally got to read my feeds, I've discovered Ewan and Paul H have also been enjoying having a play!

PS- Music is 'Flash60' from Freeplay Music


  1. Great work Rachel. I can see this being lots, it could be really useful for visual language work. I've put a link to your work on my blog as I haven't had time for a play yet.

  2. Hi Rachel - it looks like a cool tool to play with, the only downside from my point of view is the time it takes to upload the images and not knowing exactly how long your slideshow will last - still minor quibbles - I love your description of slidesharing on steroids :)

  3. Hey Rachel - Nice slideshow. Reminds me of Photostory. Hey it was nice to see photos of Invercargill. My wife and I got married there earlier this year :+)

  4. Rachel,
    Great video!
    The list of "Things I can't wait to try with my students" is growing longer by the day!
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Rachel. What a find! I can't wait to try it myself. It's also a great way for my students to present their camp photos or sports day photos. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Rachel, this looks great, I can't wait to have a play! Have you tried Jing yet? It's a fabulous tool.

  7. Thanks for your post and your animoto's presentation.


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