Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Times they are a-changing.....

A positive sign that times are a-changing.....

One of the latest Education Gazette vacancies for the Nelson region:
(I get these via email; subscribed last year when I was seeking new refuge - still get them now even though very happy - NO am NOT seeking a new job! - I'm just nosey!)

Nelson Intermediate

Scale A Y7–8 permanent position. Commence term 1, 2008. Current
roll 378. We seek a motivated and enthusiastic teacher to join
our vibrant school.

Applications close 14 September. Applications can only be
downloaded from www.nis.wikispaces.com

Fabulous... a school using a wikispaces in addition and as an extension of a school website - and using it to host job application info for download....
who says we need tech geeks to do all that stuff for us!

Wikis are just so useful and empowering!

Well done Hugh and team @ Nelson Intermediate!

(Hugh is NIS' new Principal this year - I was fortunate to have worked with him for two years at Mapua School - I KNOW he has and will make fabulous changes)


  1. It shows they must want technically capable people - attracts our interest and so much easier for us to use.

  2. A person with limited computer use like me, would find this really intimidating. I get anxious when a professor puts assignments and sylabi on-line. I'm used to handouts! Now I see that even getting a job is taking a progressive step ahead. Visiting a wiki? I'd say if you want the job, you'd better get on the ball and learn how to be tech-savvy. If not, there will be plenty of other people ready to jump for the job you want. I'm currently using a wiki as a student for a group project and it's not as difficult as I thought it would be. Slowly, but surely (and maybe a little stubbornly) even I'm moving ahead.

    Charish Halliburton, English Ed Student


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