Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A NZ Bloggers' Cafe!

Jane Nicholls is amazing!

I am so excited that NZ is to have its very own Bloggers' Cafe at the Ulearn07 Conference in October. There were some whispers early in July from Jane that she was keen to assist in organising it, and after some fantastic feedback, she's gone and done it!

The below is from Jane's blog: ICT U CAN:

Hey all you NZ edubloggers out there, want to put a face to the blog? The NZ Bloggers Cafe is happening this year at ULearn 07. Come along and engage with other bloggers in some lively debate about life, the universe and everything. This would also be a great place for 'budding bloggers' to come and learn some tips and tricks from 'blooming bloggers'. The cafe will be open during morning tea and lunch breaks so come along and join in the discussions. The venue will be advertised in the conference handbook and I am told there will be some aromatic coffee available!

Well I WON'T be coming for the coffee (I can't stand the stuff!).... but I WILL be coming for the fantastic conversations and to meet in person so many NZ edubloggers I 'know' through their blogs and even some new faces!


  1. I will have an extra coffee on your behalf. It will be fun.


  2. Don't forget your lowly American friends! Skype us into the Cafe if the time zones match....

  3. Ha - I also don't drink coffee very often - sends me through the roof and bouncing down the road!! :-)

  4. Hi Rachel, thanks for the comment on the teacher tube video. Video now been seen over 3100 times! Not sure who is watching it so often. Looking forward to meeting you at Ulearn07. Will enjoy the blog cafe. If you would like a blender animation of your school logo, I am happy to do that for you. I did one for my partner school on the blog as they wanted to do another where in the world video, but from their perspective, check it out. I have also taken your advice and have embeded the video on our home page navigation bar. Thanks for that, it had not ocurred to me at all! See you in Auckland soon enough.


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