Wednesday, 11 April 2007

How we rely on aggregators...

Not a great start to my morning! As it's school holidays I had a leisurely breakfast while I checked my email for my latest "blogmail" from Blogarithm. This is one of my normal morning routines (it's just rather nice doing it at 8am rather than 6am!).

The email was sent properly but when I opened it the logos were obscured and said "click here". When I went to click to visit one of the blogs that had been updated I was redirected to a site saying Blogarithm's domain name had expired! I checked and checked but no luck, even after trying numerous links.

All I could think about was that all the addresses of all the blogs I subscribe to would be gone! It would take me hours and hours to compile such a list again from scratch... made me wish that I'd somehow saved my links or backed them up!

On this site I found an email link to the owners of the site and immediately sent a "HELP!" email. I was pleasantly surprised when within an hour I received this helpful reply:

Hi Rachel,

I'm sorry about the expiration. It will be working again soon.
There was a mixup with our domain registrar.

Andy MacDonald

Well done Blogarithm! Having checked now I can see the wheels are in motion as the page I am redirected to is different... at least the page is parked now.

I can't wait until it's back up and running.... can you guess what the first thing I'll be doing is??!!

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  1. Same!


    The other thing I recently found out is that you can back up in OPML format and import into Flock browser and it would all be there without third party add ons!

    Gosh I get more geek like by the minute. I might have a computer free day tomorrow!



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