Sunday, 1 April 2007

Our first class video for the year!

On Thursday last week my class made their very first proper video for the year!

We have been lucky enough to have a 3rd year student teacher, Nicky, with us for the past 5 weeks. She has been great and the students have really enjoyed her teaching.

We used our class digital camera (nothing flash) - a Canon Powershot to record very short goodbye and thank you messages to Nicky. The sound quality, however, was not flash and we had to record the videos just outside our classroom as otherwise it was too noisy. It's still a little hard to hear some parts of the video due to background noise but it's a fantastic start!

They practiced very hard in pairs what they were going to say, but still many students were affected by "stage fright" but I'm very proud of their first effort! May there be many more throughout the year :)

BTW: I had to remove one short clip as that child does not have permission for her image to be shown on the internet (we included it in the real video that we gave to Nicky in DVD format however)... a small price to pay, but I should have considered her poor buddy who she did the filming with... now she has been cut out of the online version too! Will have to take this into consideration next time.

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