Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The Power of Wikipedia

I am absolutely astonished at the incredible power of Wikipedia (or rather the people who are editing it). I have been following the horrific Virginia Tech shootings that occured on the 16th in America.

As it is a piece of breaking news on Wikipedia I have been able to see the huge changes the page has undergone just over the last half hour while I have been doing my normal romp through my blog subscriptions through Blogarithm.

I guess because previously I have been working, I have never seen an event unfold and be reported so quickly and accurately on Wikipedia. There are so many people out there truly dedicated to ensuring it is up to date and referenced to the hilt. The page has changed so much even in the half hour I have been viewing it.

Looking through the history I can see the first page edit was at 15:16 on the 16th (US) and it comprised of this:

Obviously as more news, facts and figures became available the page evolved into what I can currently see (which will be vastly different to what you'd see if you checked it out now)

Here's 2 small shots of what the page looks like as I view it now (21:01 on the 16th US):

This really shows the power of collaboration and how amazing wikipedia is - paper resources (ie newspaper etc) would have long been out of date by now.

It is truly heartbreaking stuff to think that so many lives have been lost and that this all occured in a school/polytechnic where students and staff are supposed to feel safe,

Our hearts are with you Virginia as you attempt to pick up the pieces.


  1. Would this be considered citizen journalism 2.0?

  2. Quentin... I love it!! What a great term! I must admit to being strangely drawn to anything with a 2.0 after it... what a novel idea!

    Cheers for your comment... great to coin the terminology :)


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