Saturday, 28 April 2007

My PC pet peeve

For the last week I have had my class using my school Toshiba laptop. This seemed like such a good idea and I thought that it would be great to give my own macbook a rest from children's grubby hands. Boy was I wrong....

My students are simply not used to all of the PC's security alert warning screens popping up ALL over the place: asking to say yes or no when working on the web. I'd basically told my students to just click "yes" most of the time but when working with Blogger the other day they seemed to be inundated with them all. Then the computer had installed some updates and wanted to restart every few minutes. It REALLY annoyed all of us. Especially since I had just got my students working independently making posts and comments on the blog. It seemed that every few minutes there was a "Rachel!" called out from a student on the computer... and I really can't blame them! It is totally annoying!

Maybe I have been working day-to-day on Apple computers for too long and have been enjoying the luxuries? I'm just not ready to go back into the PC World!

This movie is an excellent demonstration of my frustrations, it's one of the "get a mac" adverts. Enjoy, and in the meantime I'll be tweaking that PC's security settings to see if I can improve things!

Oh, BTW I should mention in case you don't already know, that I teach 6 & 7 year olds who aren't capable of reading security warnings; and no my PC isn't running Vista like mentioned in the movie. Ta :)


  1. Thanks for the TeacherTube videos and both your personal and school blogs. Nice job.

  2. Hi Rachel

    Good post. (I'm not brave enough to enter the mac v pc argument)

    You tube has lots of great stuff on it, but here in NSW (australia), youtube is blocked. (As it is in many places).

    Today I went to convert a youtube clip that happened to be an ad. I wanted to for repost the clip onto teacher tube so that everyone could see it, and realised that advertising was breaching the terms of teacher tube.

    Fair enough.

    However my post and your video post here are not an advertisements as such but a way of underlining a comment. Its all about context.

    I'd love to put the "ad" i found up somewhere, but am forced to use youtube, which many readers cannot access from the workplace.

    Great blog, keep it coming.



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