Friday, 20 April 2007

A new blog to the public arena!

If you haven't seen the "Pay Attention" video yet.... YOU NEED TO!

I blogged about it just over a week ago, you can view it here if you missed it.
It was created by Darren Draper to "motivate teachers to more effectively use technology in their teaching"... and THAT it really has done, except not just for the Jordan School District that he made it for... it has made a ripple throughout the world (yes, even reaching us in little old New Zealand) where I KNOW it will be invaluable for staff development.

Last week Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher) had asked Darren if he blogged... and the answer was that he didn't blog publically (personal blog and school blogs were kept private)....

Well in response to all the fabulous attention Darren has achieved through his brilliant video, Darren has now created a public blog. I encourage you to visit and subscribe to his blog... he is one to watch out for!

Thanks Darren for making your great stuff accessible to all of us!

Oh, and just another plug... check out this site Darren's created on "How to become a better teacher" for fantastic info and resources.

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  1. Thanks for this Rachel, had seen the website and 'paying attention video' but didn't know about the blog.


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