Monday, 23 April 2007

A new feature - translate my blog!

You can now view my blog in 10 different languages!

I have installed a new widget in my sidebar! It uses Google's Translation Services and converts the whole page into the desired language. I have this fantastic blog to thank for my new gadget.

I spent about 10 minutes "googling" a widget to put on my blog and this was one of the best that I found to translate the whole page without having to copy and paste the text over to a translation page.

Two reasons I have installed this translator are:
  • I stumbled upon a link to my site on this blog in some foreign language (maybe Spanish?) and thought it only polite!

... go on, try the translator for a laugh... you know you want to! :)

PS: If you haven't already read it I suggest you read the State of the Live Web (April 2007) report here.
Click here if you want to copy and paste the code to get a translator on your site :)


  1. Thanks Rachel - great tool!


  2. are such a geek...I love it!

  3. Thanks Rachel! I'm not using this particular widget, but your post and wiki have helped me find lots of cool widgets to play with!

  4. I have recenlty recieved alot of visitors from countries where english is not their first language, so I decided to get my blog translated.

    I chose google translator with a widget I found. It translates into 30+ languages. whilst the widget itself is only slightly customizable it does a good job (stands out on my blog, Your Hypnotist Blog).


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